H 1 Social Identities of Persons With Schizophrenia and Social Functioning: Individual and Family Caregiver Perspectives.

Juillet 2021

Identité (Psychologie) ; Schizophrénie ; Aidants naturels

We apply social identity theory and self-categorization theory to examine the role of social identities in relation to the recovery of persons with schizophrenia. We assess whether illness-based and non-illness-based identities held by both those with schizophrenia and their caregivers explain additional variance in social functioning in persons with schizophrenia beyond the previously established predictors of negative symptoms and theory of mind. Sixty Mexican-origin adults diagnosed with schizophrenia and their family caregivers were obtained through an outpatient mental health clinic located in either Los Angeles, CA, or in Puebla, Mexico. A three-step hierarchical regression indicated that identity endorsements, from both the perspective of the person with schizophrenia and their caregiver, and negative symptomatology are significant independent predictors of social functioning. Specifically, greater endorsement of nonillness identities both for the person with schizophrenia and also their caregiver is associated with higher social functioning. Illness identity plays an important role in the path to recovery.

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Langue : Anglais

Niveau d'autorisation : Public

Thème : Psychiatrie

Niveau de priorité : Moyenne

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